Scratch: The best way to learn is to use it
Introduce yourself using Scratch- About Yourself
Task 2 Introduction Animation
Task 3: Cat dance
Task 4:Making the sprite talk and change the background
Task -5 My Theme
Graphics Task How to embed scratch in a blog
Basic Skills Tutorial
Creating a blog Changing the background: Try it out
Math simple multiplication program Making the sprite dance
Math advanced program  
Solution Scratch Reference
Check your knowledge Crossword   Parts of a flower Image of flower
Worksheet place of use   Pong Game background image
  Add Sound
  Animate a crab
Lessons Maze in Scratch, Maze1, Maze2
Lesson 1 Basics Solar system, Plant picture
Lesson 2 Draw Math Multiplication Game, Simple Math Adding Game
Lesson 3 Maze Interesting Apple Catching Game
Lesson 4 Art
Lesson Physics
Scratch Tutorial
  Maze Images Maze-1, Maze-2, Maze-3, Maze-4
  UAE maps Task-1 uaemap-1, uae-map-2
  ICONS icons-1, icons-2
  HOUSE House-1, House-2, House-3
  Design Cycle MYP Design Cycle - Refer to this Image MYP Design Cycle
Check list for all the criteria.
  Design Brief Example Crtierion B
  Rubrics for Criteria C Criterion C
    Criterion D
Criterion A Criterion B Criterion C Criterion D
Criterion A Criterion B Criterion C Criterion D
SWOT Example